3 Celebrities Who are Changing the Food Industry and One Who is Changing the World

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It’s no secret that the food industry is evolving. From a farm to fork adventure series to food that has a social cause celebrities are changing the way we eat. Food professionals have new challenges as consumers are demanding cleaner products, sustainably sourced ingredients, and fair wages for those who grow our food.

It’s an exciting time to be in the food industry! The ability to impact and improve lives is a great motivator to make food your career. But, maybe you need a little extra something to commit? What if your food idea grabbed the attention of a celebrity? How fun would that be!

Here are three celebs who are changing the food industry and one who will change the world.

Zooey Deschanel– what’s not to love about Zooey? The actress has launched a new series called Your Food’s Roots with Zooey Deschanel.

Each episode will explore the food supply chain. The focus is on sustainability. From problem to solutions Zooey digs deep into the challenges the food industry faces trying to feed our growing population. She tackles issues such as overfishing, industrialized bread, and organic vs. nonorganic food.

Backed by her star power the show aims to educate consumers to save the world one meal at a time.

Danny Trejo has several nominations and acting awards under his belt and a growing food empire on the west coast. He started with Trego’s Tacos in 2016. Within the last year, Danny has opened Trejo’s Truck, Trejo’s Cantina and Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts. He admits that without good tasting food celebrity name alone will not create a successful food business. His restaurants offer options for all the picky eaters in your group – gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and meat.

Danny’s footprint in the community goes beyond good food. His restaurants offer a second chance to people who have faced trouble along the way. He employs recovering addicts and at-risk youth providing training and skills to work in the restaurants and give back. Danny employs over a hundred people with a food brand that invests in the community and is worth millions.

If you are in the LA area grab a Machete, Trejo’s signature donut!

Sarah Michelle Gellar is a stake holder (see what I did there?) in Foodstirs – an organic baking brand. She is disrupting CPGs by providing a baking line that is clean label (no artificial colour or flavor, non-GMO, no preservatives, and 100 percent yummy) sustainable, and uses fair trade ingredients.

No need to feel guilty while mixing up some Organic Brooklyn Brownies! Sarah and her team are adding some red carpet flair to packaged foods. Join the Foodstirs clean baking revolution – now showing aisle 7.

Leonardo DiCaprio is on a mission to save the world. The actor is well known for seeking solutions to global issues such as climate change, indigenous rights, and waste reduction. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation raises money and invests in companies that are focused on sustainability and add to our quality of life. Recently the star has invested in Beyond Meat, a plant-based food company.

Plant-based foods can reduce greenhouse gases created by raising animals for food. Leo has helped the company as a taste tester and investor. He is “proud to support organizations who are working to solve humankind’s greatest challenge.” Got a food startup idea that can save the planet? Leonardo DiCaprio could be the celebrity investor to get your company noticed.

Did we leave anyone out?

Author: Katie Jones

Katie is a freelance food science writer and product developer. We are so happy to include her in our Food Grads family! Come back and read more from Katie.

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