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4 Tips on How to Prepare for a Successful Virtual Job Fair

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the way a lot of companies do business, including how they find talent.  

Many companies, including those in Ontario’s food and beverage manufacturing industry, are hosting virtual job fairs. What used to take place in hotel conference rooms or convention centres can now be done from anywhere, including your home. Until the Covid-19 pandemic is really behind us, we can expect a lot of business activities, including hiring, to continue online.  

In fact, CareersNOW! is hosting its first virtual job fair with Maple Lodge Farms on October 5, with more scheduled with other companies/types of jobs over the next year.  

So, how do you prepare for a virtual job fair? Here are some tips to help you prepare : 

Polish your resume ahead of the virtual job fair

Ok, this may be an obvious one, but make sure your resume is updated with all your latest work experience and skills.  

This video will help you tailor your resume specifically for the food and beverage industry.  

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe> 

Want more info on what to include on your resume? Here is a handy list of dos and don’ts. 

Also, if you have a website or online portfolio that showcases your previous work or projects, make sure it’s updated and ready to share with potential employers.  

Prepare your space 

Though a virtual job fair gives you the luxury of interviewing from home, you should still treat it as if it were an in-person job fair.  

Make sure the space you’re in is well-lit and make sure you’re positioned by an outlet in case your device laptop needs charging.   

You also want to do your best to make sure that you’re away from noise, distractions and potential interruptions. If that’s not possible, mention it to the interviewer at the beginning to avoid looking unprepared or uninterested. Everyone has had to adjust where and how they’ve worked over the course of the pandemic. They’ll get it.   

Here are some more tips to help you prepare for a virtual interview in the food and beverage industry.  

Research the available positions listed for the virtual job fair  

Before the event, do some research on the types of positions the companies at the virtual job fair are interviewing for and find the ones you’re interested in. 

Take a look at the job descriptions and qualifications, but keep in mind that you’re not necessarily out of the running if you don’t check every single box! If you meet most of the qualifications, it doesn’t hurt to apply!  

Most company’s don’t just look at a candidate’s skills, they also look at their personality and whether or not they would fit in with the company’s culture.  If you show you’re passionate about the field and are eager to learn, that could land you your next job opportunity.  

Not sure what roles in the food and beverage industry are best for you? Check out FoodGrad’s guide to 50 Careers Paths in Food and Beverage.

Prepare your answers  

Interviewers are not only going to ask you about your skills and experience, they are also going to ask you what’s called behavioural-style questions.  

These types of questions allow the interviewer to understand your thought process and approach to things like problem-solving, dealing with conflict and working with others.  

You can’t predict what questions they’ll ask, but Indeed has a great list of example questions and answers to help you prepare

About CareersNOW! Virtual Job Fairs 

Are you ready to start your career in the food and beverage manufacturing industry? Sign-up for CareersNOW!’s first virtual job fair with Maple Lodge Farms on October 5. 

Stay tuned for dates for future virtual job fairs in the future!  

CareersNOW! Mentorship Sessions 

Want to learn more about what a career in the food and beverage manufacturing industry could look like for you?   

Sign up for one of CareersNOW!’s upcoming career mentorship sessions! Whether you’re a college or university student planning your career in the industry or just starting to think about your future, these mentorship sessions will help you the chance to virtually meet with leading professionals to get great career advice and learn about exciting career pathways.  The next session takes place October 12, sign up today

Get ready for your future in food!

Over the next several months, Food and Beverage Ontario will be providing free career mentorship and virtual career fairs through our partners, FoodGrads and Food Processing Skills Canada. Tell us you’re interested by filling in the form.

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