5 Questions With … Reuben Scott

Student’s name: Reuben Scott
Organization: McCormick Canada
Position: Quality Assurance Technologist
Placement start date: January 2016
School and program: Western Science Internship Program

1. How did you get where you are today? What kind of training/education did you do?

I am currently in my fourth year of undergraduate studies at Western University studying Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences as part of the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) program. Many of the internship positions I applied for required very little training because much of what you need to know would be taught to you on the job, but many of them asked for some kind of science related degree.

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2. What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my time at McCormick was the amount of exposure I got in all different areas of Quality Assurance. I spent time working in the microbiology lab, the wet chemistry lab, and the instrumentation lab. I also got to learn how to perform a wide variety of tests such as moisture content, salt content and bacterial plate analysis (yeast, mold, e.coli etc.) using equipment such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), used to separate, identify and quantify components of a mixture, and Vitek Immuno Diagnostic Assay System (VIDAS), an automated immuno-analyser. I learned an enormous amount of techniques and information during my 8 months at McCormick, and regardless of whether or not go on to work in quality assurance, it was a very valuable experience.

3. Describe your job in 3 words.

Fast paced, specific, challenging.

4. Why did you choose to work in the food and beverage industry?

The food and beverage industry is always growing and evolving. There is a job for everyone, from accountants to chemists, and there are a lot of opportunities to move around and advance your career. I feel that having experience in this field is also relatable to a lot of other industries and opens many doors both for graduating students and current workers.

5. What’s your favourite made-in-Ontario food or beverage?

Corn on the cob. 🌽

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