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Why We Love Canadian Dairy

Thanks to careful on-farm practices and a strong commitment to food safety, farmers produce the very best dairy products for Canadians across the country.


The Wonders of Wheat

When it comes to bread to crackers, cakes and cookies – it’s all about the genetics of individual wheat varieties that produce the unique deliciousness.

Industrial program

How to Grow your Food Business

There are many resources available to help you launch, grow and promote your food business! The Industrial Program of Agriculture and AgriFood Canada promotes small and medium-size businesses, helps with food processing and testing needs, and fosters innovation in the area of food research.

Quest to find new food

The Quest to Find New Food

According to the United Nations, there are more than seven billion people on Earth today with some predicting the number could double by 2100.

Food Science Professor

Tastes like Chicken, Made of Soy

Soy meat alternatives, like the soy burger, are consumed across North America. But as delicious as soy burgers might be, they don’t feel and look like burgers.

a world without food science

A World Without Food Science

Imagine a world where all of the things that keep your food fresh safe plentiful and affordable no longer existed. Imagine a supermarket with no

Bone Broth

Food Trends: Bone Broth

Considered a trendy part of the Paleo diet, “bone broth” is the latest health craze to hit Canada with Kelowna-based Boned Broth producing it for

Chop School


When Ontario-based VG Meats couldn’t find the skilled staff needed for their family’s meat processing and retail operations they teamed up with an Ontario grocery