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Working in the Craft Beer industry

Craft beer – the “hipper cooler, younger brother of big commodity beers” – has grown in popularity as consumers become more adventurous and seek more

Beer School

Could Beer College be for you?

Going to Beer College to become a Brewmaster – sound too good to be true? At Niagara College it is possible. As Canada’s first fully

Maple Leaf Foods
Industry Profiles

Why you should work at Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf Foods takes great pride in making great tasting high quality food in the most efficient way possible every day. From designing world class

Ontario's Finest Butcher
Industry Profiles

Ontario’s Top Butcher

Source: YouTube As we all see on cooking competition shows butchering is a skill and something that is valued among chefs and foodies. The recent

Eamonn McGuinty

Student Profiles: Eamonn McGuinty

Source: YouTube Eamonn McGuinty is pursuing his Bachelor of Commerce in Food and Agriculture Business. Learn why this hands-on sector appeals to him.

Scott Selvey

Student Profiles: Scott Selvey

Scott Selvey, is a Biology and Medical Sciences student at Western University. He completed an internship at Bonduelle, a vegetable processing company, in Strathroy. “I

Margaret Weryk

What’s brewing for Margaret Weryk

While a student at Western University Margaret Weryk completed a 16 month internship with Labatt Breweries as a Microbiology Technician. After she graduated with an

Industry Profiles

How it’s made: Elbow Macaroni

Think you know all about pasta? Making it is not as simple as it may seem. Enter Primo’s 150000 sq ft factory in North York

Industry Profiles

How it’s made: Sriracha Mayo

Spice things up and check out how Neal Brothers are putting a new twist on a classic – rich creamy mayo that packs the punch