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Yam Chops: Vegetarian Butcher

Company profiles: YamChop. Canada’s only meat-free butcher is serving up plantbased protein options. An education in food science and plant cooking made it all possible. Learn how to pitch your business from the pros and see how a career in food science could lead to extraordinary things!

Check them out in the video player below – family owners Michael, Toni & Jess Abramson present their business to the CBC Dragon’s in hopes that their business has what it takes to get an investment from a dragon. Now let your imagination go wild and think of all the possibilities an education in food science and plant cooking could mean for you!

Get ready for your future in food!

Over the next several months, Food and Beverage Ontario will be providing free career mentorship and virtual career fairs through our partners, FoodGrads and Food Processing Skills Canada. Tell us you’re interested by filling in the form.

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